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Essence of Psychology is an educational platform that provides knowledge and guidance on mental health and related services to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Essence of Psychology is not providing a medical advice of any kind and is not a referral service and does not approve any providers, medical procedures, products or services.This information does not replace information you receive from your health care provider.



‘Mental Health is not a destination but a process. It is about how you navitage your journey not what the end point is’

Have you thought of going to therapy but you were not sure which therapy is best for you? The world of therapies is confusing. Different types of therapies help to address various difficulties. It is often the case that a problem may be addressed by more than one therapy approach. It is important to choose therapy that feels most comfortable for you. First Stop Mental Health will describe various therapies so you can decide where you want to start your journey to recovery and improving your mental health.


Similarly, there are various mental health practitioner who can support your recovery in their own individual ways following different therapeutical frameworks. First Stop Mental Health will help you to understand the role of various healthcare professionals including therapists. This will enable you to feel confident to seek help and ask the right questions before you start the therapy. Collaborative assessment and understanding of a problem is an important part of any interaction with healthcare practitioners. First Stop Mental Health will help you to be proactive when seeing your primary care doctor, nurse or therapist and consider your own expectations and role in recovery.

Understanding mental health conditions can be difficult. Mental health professionals use DSM-V or ICD-10 diagnostic manuals to assess mental health conditions. Although, to access therapy a diagnosis is not always necessary but understanding your problem in a greater detail helps to inform the psychological treatment. First Stop Mental Health will help you to understand various mental conditions and provide you with information of what to ask your mental health care provider to ensure that the your care is also clear to you.

Mental health practitioners rely on information you provide to inform the treatment. Diagnostic tools are not yet as precise as in the case of physical health. Thus your narrative and understanding of your own inner world is a very important part of any interaction with mental health practitioners. First Stop Mental Health will provide some examples of therapies and how they help to reflect on your inner world and manage emotions.

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