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What are the common mental health conditions and treatment offered?

‘Mental Illness – when something  disrupts your mental state and interrupts how you feel, think, communicate and behave and impacts your life in a way that makes you suffer’

Mental health conditions can be diagnosed by medical doctor of psychiatry or by the licensed clinical psychologist who use two manuals DSM-V and ICD-10. To access psychological treatment a diagnosis is not often necessary but having a therapist that can look at your symptoms and make sense of them using the same manuals can be extremely informative. It helps to consider what should be the appropriate treatment based on evidence and apply national guidelines. 


First Stop Mental Health will help you to gain basic understanding of common mental health conditions that so many people experience and the impact these conditions might have on their lives. Medication can be used alongside psychological treatment to aid your recovery. Medication for mental health are prescribed by your primary care doctor or psychiatrist but having an information of what options are available can enable you to make an informed decision and increase trust in your treatment.  





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