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Pocket therapist is a self-help tool that helps you to understand your anxiety and develop techniques to manage it. Pocket Therapis should never be a replacement of therapy but it should serve as a support for your therapy. You can share your notes with your therapist if you feel comfortable to do so.


Techniques presented in this diary are based on cognitive-behavioural therapy and the work pioneered by Aaron Beck. Each month Pocket Therapist will provide you with information, strategies so you can build your understanding of anxiety and confidence in managing it. Homework tasks are designed to practice what you learnt. In order to achieve the best results we suggest to complete homwork tasks regularly and reflect on the material you have gone through. Bear in mind that not all techniques will be equally useful for everyone. Homework tasks might feel repetitive at first but in order to understand your anxiety you need to take time.

You can start your Pocket Therapist at any month you want. The first quarter has three parts and focuses on understanding the impact of anxiety and managing worries. It should take you three months to complete it.


Part two focuses on recognises hypothetical worries and strategies you can use to manage these type of worries.

Pocket Therapist: Anxiety First Aid Kit (2nd Quarter)

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