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What are various types of psychological therapies and how can they help you?

‘The Science of Psychotherapy is Knowing What To Say. The Art. Is Knowing When to Say It’ – Jonathan Kellerman

There are many forms of psychological therapy treatments. The purpose of the psychological treatments is to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours with a goal of achieving better functioning, resolving or reducing mental health problem. Therapy involves working with appropriately trained therapist who uses their knowledge and experience to help you to process difficult emotions and consider other perspectives.


Therapies happen on one to one basis or in a group with other people. It is important to remember that some mental health difficulties are appropriate for certain types of therapies only. Navigating the world of therapies can be difficult and First Stop mental Health will help to make it easier.


NICE guidelines are evidence-based recommendations for Health and Social Care in England which provides information on recommended treatments for mental conditions. First Stop Mental Health will help to translate these recommendation into an easy to understand language.


Lastly, you might have a personal preference for some therapies but not others. Understanding the basic types of therapies, what they attempt to achieve and how they try to achieve helps to make an informed choice. How the session will look like might help you to decide which therapy type you would like to try.





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